ClearBuds Earphones Block All Microwave Radiation 


All radiation is prevented from reaching your head


Intellitube technology (a patented sound delivery system) let's beautiful, clear sound reach your ears without any radiation


No more headaches caused by radiation.


Hands-free convenience lets you multi-task... even drive!



Did you know that every time you use your cellphone, you’re exposing your brain to radiation? It’s true! The World Health Organization says so. In fact, they announced in 2011 that using a cellphone directly against your head may beas dangerous as Lead Exposure, Exhaust Fumes and Chloroform. 


Scary thought when you realize chloroform, lead, and pesticides all fall under the same classification.

ClearBuds are breakthrough earphones that eliminate 100% of the harmful radiation emanating from cell phones that goes to the brain. Unlike regular earphones or Bluetooth headsets that still carry harmful RF energy to the head, ClearBuds blocks it all. How does it work? ClearBud's innovative design moves the speaker further away from your brain making it completely safe for sustained use. Plus the patented Intelliltube sound delivery system produces a "Live" high-fidelity experience that's natural and balanced. ClearBuds are ergonomically shaped for all day comfort and come in Mono and Stereo models.



Microphone is specifically designed for optimum sound

Great for cordless phones which also emit radiation

Safe for driving – complies with state laws

Safe for Laptops and Tablets

Hands-free convenience

No more headaches caused by radiation.

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