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The Thermographic study was conducted to show if the electromagnetic radiation generated by a cell phone traveling up the wire of a wired earbud type headset, would cause an increase in temperature of the surrounding ear tissue. The effects of cell phone radiation and the heating of facial tissue has been illustrated with dramatic infrared images, and demonstrated multiple times in various articles and experiments. However, in these Theomgraphic studies it is not possible to distinguish between the heat which is generated by a typical call phone in operation from the heat caused only by cell phone radiation. Anyone who has used a cell phone knows that it gets warm when it is in operation. Heat is generated by the discharging battery; there is heat from the hand of the person holding the cell phone and heat from the active electronic components within the cell phone while it is in operation. Also, the human face radiates heat which is normally dissipated from the side of the face/head and which is being blocked by the warm cell phone. It’s no wonder that a Thermogram taken of a person’s face after using a cell phone looks warm! Cell phone radiation may potentially cause skin temperature to rise, but the majority of studies posted on the Internet fail to demonstrate this. Therefore we must be somewhat skeptical when viewing infrared imagery which purports to demonstrate the effects of electromagnetic cell phone radiation.


To avoid cell phone radiation it is recommended that a head set be used. However, most headsets use a wired connection between the cell phone and the ear piece. Cell phone radiation can be conducted up through the wired cable and directly into the ear canal. The purpose of the following experiment was to eliminate the thermal effects described above and to see if the electromagnetic radiation traveling up the cable of a typical wired earbud type headset would cause a rise in temperature of the skin tissue surrounding the ear.


For this experiment, two types of earbuds were used. The first type was a traditional earbud which has a wire connected to the headphone jack of the cell phone which is then connected to the earbuds. The second head set was new product earbud type in which a wire is used to send the signal to a pair of acoustic couplers which then retransmit the audio up a to the ear buds via a pair of air tubes. With this new technology, the cell phone radiation­facts/ 1/4 12/1/2015 Radiation Facts ­ SafeBudz is prevented from entering the ear because there is no conductive path to the ear for electromagnetic radiation to travel.


The experiment protocol consisted of taking a baseline thermogram of the subject’s ear (Figure 1), then using the acoustically coupled earbuds make a 10 minute phone call. After 10 minutes had passed another thermogram was taken (Figure 2). The earbuds were removed allowing the ear to return to normal for 10 min (Figure 3). Finally, the wired earbuds were inserted for a 10 minute phone call after which another thermogram was taken (Figure 4) Figure 1. This is a baseline image. The cross marks the point of measurement. The maximum value contained within this area is being measured at 34.1°C Figure 2. This is the image after 10 min. of talking with the acoustically coupled earbud. After 10 min. of cell phone talking there is no increase in the surface temperature of the skin immediately surrounding the ear. The temperature remains at 34.1o°C Figure 3. This is image taken after a 10 minute “rest” period after the first 10 minute phone call. The skin temperature is exactly the same as Figure 1 at 34.1o °C Figure 4. This is the image after 10 min. of talking with wired earbuds. After ten minutes of cell phone talking using a wired ear buds there is a .6 degree Centigrade rise in the temperature of the skin located just above earbud to 34.7o°C­facts/ 2/4 12/1/2015 Radiation Facts ­ ClearBudz


































The thermograms show that there is an increase in skin temperature just above the ear which may be caused by the electromagnetic radiation of a cell phone radio transmitter as its energy travels up the wire to the earbud wire and into the ear.


We would suspect that the amount of electromagnetic radiation traveling up the earbud wire would be some fractional amount of the main radio transmitter’s energy and would cause less skin heating then would be caused by having the main transmitter of a cell phone pressed against the side ahead. However, as stated earlier is mandatory yet difficult to separate the effects of skin heating due solely to electromagnetic radiation from skin heating caused by the hot cell phone pressed against the side of the face. However, there is no denying that a cell phone is a microwave radio transmitter and has probable negative effects on human skin tissue and therefore all efforts should be employed to maximize the distance between the cellphone and the head/brain tissues.


We recommend that this study be supplemented by taking actual RF measurements of the energy radiated by the wired earbuds. Comparison of electromagnetic cell phone radiation into the ear via wired and acoustically coupled ear bud headsets. Report date 8/7/2013

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