Stereo White

Stereo White

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The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that “the use of cell phones is as dangerous as lead and engine exhaust exposure.
SafeBudz ear buds blocks 99.99% of electromagnetic radiation from entering your brain.

SafeBudz uses an exclusive radiation-blocking technology that carries sound from your phone or tablet through its IntelliTube™ technology, which transmits sound while stopping heat and radiation in its tracks! SafeBudz provides offers a tangle resistant cord, making ear buds use more enjoyable.

    Heat and radiation are eliminated with SafeBudz so the entire family is protected. Zero heat exposure to your head means fewer headaches due to microwave-like conditions that occur when using smart phones and other electronics.

    SafeBudz is compatible with cordless phones, tablets, MP3 players and other electronics, which emit radiation too. SafeBudz offers hands-free capabilities, providing users ease, convenience and safety while driving.

    Product Information
    Intellitube technology is a patented sound delivery system using an airtube to produce “Live” sound.

    A natural and balanced “Live” effect delivering the true sound of music. Traditional wired earphones fail to deliver optimal, high-fidelity sound, but SafeBudz earphones deliver music that you can feel, not just hear.

    Traditional Earphones – EMF Radiation
    Traditional wired headsets act like an antenna and carry RF Energy and EMF’s emitted from a cell phone through the wire into the user’s ear/head, thus exposing the inner ear and brain to RF Energy and EMF’s. Bluetooth headsets constantly emit RF Energy and EMF’s, even when not in use because it must maintain a connection with the phone.

    Product Specifications
    Length of hand free headsets
    138 cm
    Length of air tube
    16 cm
    Two pair of earpieces for noise insulation
    One microphone with ON/OFF switch/mute
    8mm – neodynium magnets
    16 Ohms

    Input sensitivity
    97 dB at 1 KHz

    Frequency response
    20 Hz at 20 KHz (20-20KHz input voltage 126 mV)

    Compatible with all cellphones, 3.5mm jack

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